Oliebollen tournament


New years eve is already behind us, which means that we don't have any excuse left to eat our beloved oliebollen :( However, since none of us can really get enough of these little balls of fried happiness, we needed to come up with another excuse. Therefore it's time again for the traditional Oliebollen tournament. This year the tournament will take place on the Sunday the 2nd of February. For those who are not familiar with the tournament, it's our yearly, internal, competition, which is played in an indoor swimming pool. It's supposed to be fun for everyone, whether you've played on the national team or never touched a polo ball at all. We'll try to make generally comparable teams and any remaining disparity will be levelled through the use of our favourite fried treat. Afterwards we'll enjoy a nice dinner and the accompanying drink at the Sevende Camer.
Of course neither renting a pool nor dinner is free, which is why we'll have to charge a small fee. Namely €10,00 p.p. for the tournament and €5,00 p.p. for the dinner. This does however include all the oliebollen you might want to eat! This fee has to be paid before the event! If you haven't paid you won't be able to join.
We'll start the day with a cup of coffee and the first oliebol at 10 at the Sevende Camer. We will leave for the Twentebad at 12, where we'll play our tournament from 13 till 16. Then somewhere between 17 and 18 dinner will be served. After dinner we can enjoy a drink at the bar.
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