Dear members.

GoSlo is still months away which is a very long time. So for the people who can't wait we are planning on going to Sault-Brénaz in the weekend of 10-13 April (Easter). This will be a combined trip with Levitas, the student kayak association from Leiden.

In Sault-Brénaz there is an artificial white water river with a dedicated campsite for kayakers. The river has all kinds of rapids suitable for both people without any experience as well as people who have already paddled a lot of white water. As you might have guessed from the name, Sault-Brénaz is in France. This meands we can expect the weather to be a lot nicer than here in Enschede.

It is a 900km one way drive and I would guess the total cost at €150 pp.

Check out the photos