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ZP Sprint cup

Saturday, June 30, 2018 - 10:00am

What is there better to do with this great weather than kayaking? DKV Euros joined the ZP Cup in Wormer (near Amsterdam) on 30 June: a flatwater competition.An impression of a canoe day by Anja Mus  "DKV Euros paddled in the two catagories Senior Female B and Senior Male B, for k1, k2 and k4! In the early morning the guys started with the 500m k1. Robert and Dennis van der Zwet even made it to the finals! Thereafter, the DKV Euros k4 started in the 500m with Anja Mus, Tim Sonderen (Fred), Bram Kamerman and Jan Thiemen Postema. But the coach of the k4, Robert, made the biggest mistake in his life: he joined the opponents k4! Fortunately the Euros k4 had a nice word for this: 'KARMA' and the paddle of Robert broke. The k4 could chase up and finished just before the k4 of Robert, which gave them the third place! Right after (!) Anja's K4 match, she had to start the K2 match with Ines, unfortunately they became 4th on the 500m. Jan and Dennis joined the male k2, a lot of people said that they had a nice boat, but the boat didn't do all the work for the medal . The finale 500m match was the ladies k1, in which Ines got a bronze medal and Anja won gold! The 200m were less succesfull for Euros. Although Robert, Jan en Dennis made it to the K1 finale, non of them could get a podium place. The k2's and k4 didn't had more luck. However, Bram and Tim, who had never trained k2 before, made it to the finals and didn't go swimming ! The last hope was the female k1 200m, and the hope wasn't in vain: Anja won gold and Ines bronze again. The last distance of this ZP cup was the 100m. The k2 start of the ladies with Ines and Anja became 4th as usual. Robert, Jan and Dennis did the k1 distance. And Jan appearently became better the more matches he paddled. Jan was faster than Dennis, and almost than Robert! The male k4 (including Anja) was almost flying over the water with the 100m, which was a really nice end of the k4 races with a bronze medal. Unfortunately, Anja and Jan will leave the k4, so there is place for other people to join! Six minutes after the k4 race, Anja had to join the ladies k1. Fortunately, there was a power failure, which gave Anja more rest and she won gold again! Just before Ines finished, when she almost catched up with her opponent, she felt in the water. Luckely it was the last match of the 30 degree day! This ZP Cup was good organised and after putting all the boats on the trailer there was a pasta party with a lot of different pastas. This was delicious after the entire day racing.Thanks to Zwetplassers and Watersportverbond Commissie Canoe Sprint/Marathon for the organization of the great event! "


What is there better to do with this great weather than kayaking? DKV Euros joined the ZP Cup in Wormer (near Amsterdam) on 30 June: a flatwater competition.