Canoe polo

You might have never heard from this sport before, however canoe polo is an upcoming sport in the Netherlands. It is a combination of water polo and canoeing. Canoe polo looks quite extreme; however, it involves a great team spirit. The tactical positional play is as important as personal qualities. During a game, you are always moving. A team consists of 5 persons on the field (and a number of substitutes). The intention of the game is to score in the goal, located two metres above the water. This can be done by throwing the ball with either your hands or the paddle. The boats are short and agile, making them ideal to be fast and play tactical. Canoe polo gear consists of (besides a boat and paddle), a life jacket, a helmet, and a spray deck. The polo trainings are given on Tuesdays at 18:00. However, when the weather is nice, spontaneous trainings happen. Be there 15 minutes early to get dressed, and to make sure you are on the water at the arranged time. Besides trainings, Euros also competes in competitions on all levels, including the National Championships.