Flatwater kayaking

In sprint everything revolves around going as fast as possible using the perfect combination of technique and strength. If you like sportmanship, then why don't you try one of our competition kayaks? The K1, K2 and K4 are respectively the one-, two- and four person kayaks. Paddling in a competition kayak is a skill that will require some training though, as the fastest boats are also the least stable. However, once you master this skill there are few things as satisfying than finishing a split second faster then your competitor. Besides being an awesome sport on its own, the sprint kayaking training is also highly beneficial if you want to do other disciplines, such as canoe polo or whitewater kayaking, since the technique and condition is very similar. At D.K.V. Euros we've got two sprint trainings a week, one on Monday, which is open to everyone and one on Wednesday which is aimed at the more advanced paddlers. In the summer those trainings are outside on the Twente Kanaal in Enschede. The summer training starts at our boatshed at the Watersports Complex of the UT. During the winter the training is at the indoor swimming pool in the Sportscentre of the University of Twente. Are you interested or would you like more information? Then don't hesitate to contact us or to sign up for one of our introduction courses.